Tightly wrap The Kwik-Strap around any two objects and place the pin through the closest pin hole to efficiently secure anything.....

User Instructions
using The Kwik-Strap is EASY
Follow these easy instructions to use
The Kwik-Strap to attach a saw to a tree limb
Adjust the hand saw to the proper length on the limb.
Place your thumb on the Kwik-Strap's mounting pad holding the saw handle against the limb and push down firmly while you take a MINIMUM OF TWO TIGHT WRAPS around the limb.
Make sure to leave enough space to use two Kwik-Strap's to secure the handle properly to the limb.
Repeat with the second strap and you're ready to saw down those hard to reach tree limbs.
It is advised that you minimize any unused strap by taking as many wraps as possible before pushing the closest hole in the KWIK-STRAP over the pin.

Instruction Video