The Kwik-Strap in Action


Originally conceived for the hunter to clear a perfect shooting lane from their stand. But there are so many more uses for The KWIK-STRAP!


Fire too hot for the young ones? Attach a
KWIK-STRAP to a marshmallow stick and
cook away. Smores anyone?


Need to wrap and hang your extension cords? Attach the Kwik-Strap around the cord and hang any place you wish!


tree strap

Your hunting trip will be quieter with The
KWIK-STRAP. Lash it around those noisey metal tree steps and enjoy a quiet walk to the stand!


Don't you just hate that dust in the corner of
your rooms? No need for a ladder, Attach a KWIK-STRAP to a broom handle and dust away!


Can't reach any higher? Attach a
KWIK-STRAP to a mop handle and paint to
your heart's content!


More uses - The versitility is endless


Lawn & Garden

  • Tie back trees
  • Hang or extend plant baskets
  • Secure gates and fences
  • Hang garden hoses, tools
  • Secure lawn furniture


  • Organize your R.V. or work truck
  • Secure ladders and bikes
  • Hang work lights, secure tools
  • Bundle jumper cables
  • Tie down tarps and covers

Animals & Pets

  • Hang water and feed buckets
  • Secure gates and pens
  • Secure animal carries

Sports & Outdoors

  • Great for camping and hiking
  • Bundle up lawn chairs
  • Secure various boating items
  • Organize hunting and fishing gear
  • Hang up athletic and fitness gear

Home Office

  • Organize your garage
  • Child-proof cabinets temporarily
  • Organize closets and attics
  • Tidy up computer cables